Testing Facility: American Turbine’s test facility is state of the art. We have the capability of testing assembled pumps up to 30’ in length, flow ranges up to 6,000 gpm as well as horsepower requirements up to 400 hp. We are one of very few manufacturers in the United States that can perform a reverse flow test. Not only can we test for bowl efficiencies, but we can also hydro-test pumps and discharge heads up to 1000 psi.

Repairs: American Turbine is very adept at vertical turbine pump repair and submersible pump repair. Often we will receive a pump, which may or may not be our own, which is in desperate need of a repair and a fast turn-around time. We have the experience and the skilled personnel to accomplish this task. Basic items such as shafting or bearings can easily be replaced. Should the bowls or impellers need wear rings to bring them back into tolerance, we can do that too.

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